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A majestic creature hidden underneath

You're part of a bigger universe

Uranium in a cloud chamber.

The way this cake box closes

Love is free

Click, Information, and Page: il TIM 4:32 PM Not Secure The estimat absolute. T rcent of people with at all. Click details. st name Felix Felix Kjellburg There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Felix Kjellburg. The estimates for one or both names are not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all. Click here for more details. e results to your web page: es not contain any personal information) HowManyOfMе He could be any one of us

Target, Goal, and Live: DAY 2 Okuasu RIMURU’S ROLE WAS VIGILANTE. ALL LIVE TOWNIES SHERIFF ROLE LIST QUANZHI GASHOU None None Town (Investigative) Alignment JUAN Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer. Abilities -Interrogate one person each night for suspicious activity. Attributes -You will know if your target is suspicious. 3OSUKE 3 CAREX rimuru died last night. Okuasu is whispering to josuke To josuke: Oy Josuke i used za hando to tranpsort myslef into town of salem JONATHAN CORWIN ENTER TEXT… RIP OI Josuke I used za hando to transport myself into town of Salem. Isn’t that neat


The Boomer , directed by Todd Phillips

delete delete delete


Floofy or chonky?

Outstanding Move

They have a point. Pepo FeelsSadMan

Women Drivers

Fun for Republicans – not real, but fun!

This machines optical sorting of grapes

Traditional bonfire in Italy goes wrong

Seamlessly hovering hummingbirds

F for the libs

Flexing, Meme, and Minecraft: BOND EAL EPAR ILACK ay Sps Lsk FLEX APE Depression and anxiety Education System POEAL AR LACK Homework Here’s a none Minecraft meme

HongKonger's, you're my hero! 香港加油

Free HK

Anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Good Morning: 94% 1:03 A CANCEL SAVE Every day Date 14 : 15 AM 16 PM Repeat F S W Alarm to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Awaken(Pilla Snooze 5 minutes, 3 times Increasing volume Increase the alarm volume for the 1st 60 sec. Alarm name None S It is a GOOD morning

Birthday, Crush, and Drugs: Pick a number? THE BASICS REDDIT SEX & SEXUALITY 1 Age 25. How many followers do you have 49. Are you a virgin 2. Gender 26. Favorite subreddit 50. Has anyone seen you naked 51. Have you any tattoos /piercings 3. Height 27. Favorite redditor 4. Weight 28. Amount of time you spend on reddit 52. Have you had a same-sexexperience 53. Have you ever sent a nude 5. Where are you from 29. How many people have you chatted with 6. Zodiac sign 30. Last person you DM’d/Chatted 54. Have you ever sexted 7. First name 55. Have you ever kissed anyone 31. How many subreddits do you follow 56. Am I attractive 8. Birthday 32. Do you follow any NSFW subreddits LOOKS FAVORITE THINGS SEXUAL NSFW 33. Hair style 9. Favorite color 57. Bra/dick size 10. Favorite food 34. Hair color 58. Pubic hair: natural, trimmed, shaved or none Favorite music genre 35. Eye color 59. Do you have any body hair 11. 12 Favorite song 36. Body type/ build 60. Guys-only are you circumcised 61 37. Ethnicity 13. Favorite movie How often do you masturbate 62. Last time you masturbated 14. Favorite tv show 38. Favorite outfit 39. What are you wearing 15. Favorite animal 63. Have you ever watched porn 16. Favorite thing to do 40. Type of underwear you wear 64. Ideal sexual/ physical attributes 65. Favorite sexual fantasty LIFE/EXPERIENCE RELATIONSHIPS 66. Turns ons/ Turn offs 17. Your hobbies/sports 41 Sexuality 67. Any kinks 42. Relationship status 18. Future job/ambitions 43. Who is your crush 19. Have you drank / smoked MISC. 20. Have you done drugs 44. Celebrity crush 68. Send a selfie 21. Do you have any pets 45. Have you ever cheated on someone 70. Send me a DM/Chat message 22. Best memory 46. Ideal girlfriend/ boyfriend 71. Ask whatever you like (can’t say no) 23. Most embarrassing moment 47 Idea of a perfect date 72. Ask me one 24. Dream vacation 48. Have you asked anyone out THE REDDIT R/TEENAGERS PICK A NUMBER GAME EXTENDED EDITION JULY 2019 I am 13m

Why guys are how they are

President Trump unveils his plan to win the trade war.

No matter how many people cooperate and testify to what we all know his supporters will not waiver

This color-changing mug is so cool

Memes at 10pm


Ok, I understand that we don't need to have a "superior" race, and maybe it's not necessary to have human races at all (people would have unnecessary arguments), but it kinda feels like sticking your head into sand and ignoring biology and science when you just deny they exist..

Running across the sky.

Secret Wine Cellar Under Kitchen Island

Kolinda enjoys alcohol again

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