Gay Mayo Causes Uproar

Gay mayonaise

The internet is on fire! A rainbow-colored mayonnaise called "Gayo" is causing a stir online, and everyone's convinced it's real! 

Except… it's not.

This whole thing started with a cheeky Photoshop job by a user named "Doctor Photograph," who loves creating fake products and messing with people. The "Gayo" bottle, complete with the tagline "Add Pride To Your Next BLT," has gone viral, leaving some people convinced that Kraft Foods has gone full rainbow.

The internet, being the internet, is going wild with reactions. Some are horrified, while others are stoked, celebrating the supposed embrace of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Doctor Photograph is here to set the record straight. He’s revealed the truth behind the image, showing how it was all a playful prank. It turns out, some folks are really good at falling for a decent Photoshop job! 

If you want to delve even deeper into this controversy, check out the video below.

Gay Mayo Causes Uproar

While this might be a funny story, it's important to remember that spreading misinformation can be very harmful. Let's be mindful of what we share online and not fall for every cleverly crafted image. After all, not everything we see on the internet is real, especially when it comes to rainbow mayo!