“Cardening” – Where You Grow A Garden In Your Car

Cardening pic. cacti grown in cars dash

Can you believe the latest craze making waves is 'cardening'? Yes, you read that right – it's like gardening, but in your car!

Picture this: instead of just having a boring old dashboard, cupholders, and whatnot, plant enthusiasts are transforming their vehicles into mini gardens on the go.

At first, I was like, "Wait, won't the scorching summer heat be too much for any plant?" But hey, the answer is simple – cacti to the rescue! People are jazzing up their cars with cacti, succulents, and even bonsai trees. How zen-tastic!

Now, who really wants to do this. Don't we already have enough dirt and junk in our cars?.

cardening - plants grown in car dashboard

I'm a huge plant lover, and I envy those with magical green thumbs who keep indoor plants thriving. Honestly, a garden in my car might be the only kind I could manage because my mischievous cats turn everything green into their personal salad bar. But, I have to say no to this one, and here's why.

What about the airbag, folks? Are you really that confident it won't pop out unexpectedly?

Imagine this: an airbag blasts open, and alongside trying to avoid it, you also have to dodge a flying cactus hurtling towards your face. Nobody wants to be pulling pricks out of their face do they?

cardening - grass grown in car dashboard

So, maybe skip the dashboard for your 'carden' and opt for the safer cupholder route. Safety first, right?

So, if you're up for a bit of greenery on your travels, maybe consider a cupholder garden instead. Happy 'cardening' people!