Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

Lets wind the clock back and step into the time machine of internet nostalgia as we journey back to the early days of cyberspace, where Dancing Babies and Keyboard Cats reigned virally supreme. From the infectious beat of the Numa Numa Dance to the unforgettable lyrics of 'All Your Base Are Belong to Us,' the internet landscape of the late '90s and early 2000s was a playground of viral sensations and playful absurdity. So lets unravel the top ten early Internet memes that shaped online culture and captured the hearts of netizens worldwide.

10. Chocolate Rain – 2007

Tay Zonday's deep baritone voice brought 'Chocolate Rain' cascading into internet stardom, its memorable lyrics and catchy melody creating a storm of fascination that reverberated through cyberspace, leaving audiences singing in sweet delight. The song 'Chocolate Rain,' addressing social and racial issues, gained widespread attention on platforms like YouTube, showcasing the power of music and viral content to spark discussions and entertainment on a global scale.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

9. Keyboard Cat (2007):

Paws poised over the keys, Keyboard Cat entered the meme hall of fame with its musical finesse, providing the purrfect soundtrack to fail videos and mishaps, adding a touch of whimsy and humor to internet escapades. The original footage of Keyboard Cat goes all the way back to 1984 and features a cat named Fatso playing an electronic keyboard, demonstrating the timeless appeal of feline companionship and musical talent in internet culture.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

8. Rickrolling (2007):

In the age of internet pranks, 'Rickrolling' reigned supreme. With promises of one link and a surprise serenade from Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up,' unsuspecting users fell victim to the ultimate bait-and-switch, creating a musical phenomenon of comedic proportions. 'Rickrolling' originated on the imageboard 4chan and became a widespread internet phenomenon, and people still break out this classic gag today!

To explain this even better, here is a link to a video of funny cats link

Rick Astley singing never gonna give you up

7. Dramatic Chipmunk (2007):

When a chipmunk turned its head with dramatic flair, the internet took notice. The meme that launched a thousand gasps, 'Dramatic Chipmunk' became synonymous with surprise and suspense, captivating viewers with its unexpected twist. The clip, originally from a Japanese TV show called 'Hello! Morning,' showcased the enduring humor and meme potential of short-form video snippets that could capture audiences' attention with a moment of comedic brilliance.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

6. Lolcats (2006):

Cats took center stage in the LOLcat phenomenon, delighting audiences with their whimsical antics and quirky captions that transformed ordinary felines into internet royalty, sparking an era of feline-themed humor and memes. The phenomenon of LOLcats, combining images of cats with humorous captions in Impact font, became a prime example of internet meme culture and the widespread appeal of adorable and humorous animal content online.

lolcats picture

5. Peanut Butter Jelly Time (2002):

A dancing banana and an iconic song combined forces in 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time,' creating a whimsical pop culture moment that had everyone asking, "Is it time yet?" as the catchy tune echoed across cyberspace. The song 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' by the Buckwheat Boyz gained renewed popularity through the internet, with the animated dancing banana becoming synonymous with infectious and surreal internet humor.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

4. Hamster Dance (1998):

Audiences couldn't resist the adorable charm of the Hamster Dance, a merry menagerie of animated hamsters grooving to an infectious and extremely happy beat that had netizens tapping their feet and sharing the joy across forums and chat rooms. Created by Deidre LaCarte, the Hamster Dance website featured animated GIFs of hamsters and other animals dancing to 'Whistle Stop' by Roger Miller, captivating audiences with its quirky and lighthearted content.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

3. Numa Numa Dance (2004):

Gary Brolsma's infectious lip-sync and dance routine to 'Dragostea Din Tei' brought smiles to faces globally, showcasing the power of spontaneous joy and internet culture colliding in a harmonious dance of delight. The song 'Dragostea Din Tei' by O-Zone, popular in Europe, gained international attention through Brolsma's rendition and sparked a wave of lip-sync videos across the internet. Gary is still kicking around and even rerecorded this classic video again in 2023.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

2. All Your Base Are Belong to Us (2000):

Born from a hilariously mistranslated video game cutscene, 'All Your Base Are Belong to Us' catapulted into meme stardom, spreading its nonsensical yet memorable catchphrase across the digital realm like wildfire. The phrase originated from the 1989 video game 'Zero Wing' and became a testament to the enduring legacy of video game culture in shaping internet humor.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

1. Dancing Baby (1996):

One of the very earliest Internet phenomenons, the 3D-rendered Dancing Baby grooved its way into hearts worldwide with its funky moves and undeniable charm, becoming a viral sensation that paved the way for future meme mania. The character was created using Kinetix Character Studio, a tool for animation in 3D Studio Max, showcasing the early potential of computer-generated imagery to capture the internet's imagination.

Top Ten Early Internet Memes That Kickstarted Online Madness

So there you have it, the greatest original Internet Memes of all time. So many memories with these famous blasts from the pasts isn't there!

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