Man Grows Rice Grass In His Hair

Man growing rice grass in hair

Plant lovers go to any extent to grow plants around them, in their homes, balconies and anywhere they find space. One such plant enthusiast did what no one thought about.

In a video that made rounds online, an unidentified elderly man describes how he grows grass on his head. He shows off his head which looks not less than a plant pot, with lush green grass.

In the video below he discusses how he sleeps and what happens after harvest!

He said that he puts seeds of the plant of his choice on his head in his hair. He shows the 4-year-old growth of grass on his head which was as green as the plant grown in soil.

Research has shown that hair is a great fertilizer for plant growth. Besides needing water and sunlight, plants need to get nutrients like nitrogen from the soil. While legumes like plants can extract the nitrogen present in the soil, most plants fail to do so.

This is why plants require fertilizers, whether organic or inorganic. To test out if hair could act as fertilizer for plants, Vlatcho Zheljazkov and his colleagues at Mississippi State University pitted waste hair against commercial fertilizers. They found out that while hair shouldn’t be used as a sole fertilizer, it can provide needed nutrients for plants to grow, as per results published in HortTechnology.