Man Charged After 26 Snakes Found In His Car

Snkae with tongue out

In a wild twist of events, a hapless Aussie fellow got himself into a slippery situation when the long arm of the law found his car packed not with snacks, but with a crew of slithery passengers up north in Brisbane.

13 live serpents were found making themselves at home while 13 others decided to shed their mortal coil right then and there!

When the police saw the snakes on March 2, they were in for a real hiss-terical surprise. Some were enjoying an extended stay in the car, soaking up the sun, while others were starting to stink up the joint in classic dead snake fashion.

But fear not, for the brave officers swooped in like snake-charmers, whisking away the living reptiles to an animal ER for a much-needed spa day. As for the ones who had already taken that fateful slither into the great beyond, they were left to ponder the meaning of life… or lack thereof.

Now, a young chap from Moore Park Beach finds himself in a spot of bother, facing a whopping 26 charges of giving these poor snakes the ride of their lives. Will justice be served, or will this slippery suspect slither his way out of trouble? Stay tuned for the next episode of "Snakes on a Car"!

Watch it all unfold below

Man Charged After 26 Snakes Found In His Car

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