Pelican Attempts To Eat Capybara

Pelican trying to eat capybara

In a viral comical video, a persistent pelican at the Ichihara Elephant Kingdom in Chiba, Japan, repeatedly attempts to chow down on a capybara, only to be met with the surprising obstacle of the capybara’s size. With each failed attempt, the capybara nonchalantly goes about his business whilst the pelican’s keeps trying to gulp him down. The capybara is remarkably unfazed by the bird’s comedic efforts.

Talk about biting off more than you can chew!

Meanwhile, ,,Ozzy Man’s colorful commentary provides a hilarious backdrop, highlighting the absurdity of the situation with his witty observations and quirky remarks. The juxtaposition of the pelican’s determined yet futile pursuit and the capybara’s calm resilience, all narrated by Ozzy Man’s humor, creates a scene that is both amusing and unforgettable.

Watch below

The internet comments did not disappoint!


“I’m so hungry… I don’t want fruit!” I found my spirit animal


Look at me. I am rotund. I am so rotund.


“Im rotund , Im SO rotund “


The one dislike was the pelican


Lola and everyone is just chillin while the new kid tries to eat his “new friend”