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New York Subway To Install Security Cameras In All Train Cars

New York Subway To Install Security Cameras In All Train Cars

Beer, Comfortable, and Community: I’m looking for free love community. My dog identfies as a 3 year old, it works well as my child is more comfortable as a pet. I’m a he him, at times a she him. I’m a yoga teacher, natural healer/faith healing, none God type. Need near water as only consume kelp, I plan to live humble, selling my scat made temporary tattoos, and vagina yeast infused ipa beer. Page 4 Meme Qc MOUR the last en vogue ideology

Bros saving a hammer head shark


You guys were like my brothers and bros. It was fun being here with you guys. You are awesome btw.

He got the point

This could go wrong

This ad is quite soothing to watch.

It's not perfect, but New Hope wasn't either

Sex, Penis, and Vagina: I’ll speak French between your legs. cvn-t The hottest things I’ve ever been told. missjraffe I’m just picturing someone screaming "BONJOUR" at a penis hatchworthsmoustache #SACRE BLEU MADEMOISELLE VAGINA #HON HON HON TITTY CROISSANTS zaynhappened TITTY CROISSANTS sh-ocking None of you should ever be having sex Me_irl

Facebook, Friends, and Arkansas: 1 hr MaJor indicators that the girl you don’t know who’s adding you on facebook might want to sell you something from their MLM: 1. From a small town in Arkansas/Missouri 2. Have a few mutual friends, but none that you’ve talked to in the last year 3. Has something like "mama bear" or "WAHM" in their Facebook bio, bonus points for "girl boss" 4. Share a bunch of posts asking for your personal opinion to help their engagement to sell their crappy products 5. If accepted, will like all of your posts for the next two weeks to condition you for the impending "HEY GIRL!" DM 13 Comments My friend nails it on how to spot a hun-bot from a (Facebook) mile away

This cutter for hay harvesting in Vietnam

Glorious mountains of India

Minnesota farmer helps another farming family in need.

Ass, Shopping, and Trash: RP SHOPPING CAN BE FUN STEMS EDS FS.COM/DUDEHES First of all, yes I have gold. I kill Mummies n’ Dragons older than this whole gad dang town. Second, I want REAL potions. None of that cheap dang alchemy trash or basic healing potion from the "Player’s Handbook." I got enough Platinum in my haversack to put yer entire economy on its ass, I tell you what. e c o n o m y -Law

This guy blowing rocks away from the grass.

Cosplay at its best – MegaCon 2018

Take your beer anywhere

The air felt different and it started to show, As every breath resembled smoke

Skelet is ready for Halloween!

Pregnancy, Air, and Can: Can Can @Kanii Rah Pregnancy is in the air and I’m not trynna catch none of that mess!! Boitumelo Mothiba @Boy2meloh You are closing the wrong hole She thinks it’s an airborne disease.

This flawless gymnastics routine

Can you believe that this is a single cell?

Habugchet buuu get!

League of Legends, Lost, and Access: New champion is black New champion’s name starts with N Nautilus Nunu & Willump None New champion’s name is… No 10-GAME CHAT RESTRICTION Because a player-triggered review found your in-game comms to be negative or inflammatory, your use of in-game chat’s been restricted. In add ition to suspension, you’ve lost access to certain privileges like free Loot chests or other positive player rewards until you demonstrate an ongoing pattern of good sportsmanship after your chat restriction ends. New champion’s name is demonetized

Psycho alert

Guide And Prejudice

Guide And Prejudice

How to keep your car under control and second part how to not

Sweet kid

Canadian snowplow train

Rudolph saved Christmas once again

This Southwestern Casserole Is So Good It Will Be The Only Thing Your Child Remembers About You After You Die

This Southwestern Casserole Is So Good It Will Be The Only Thing Your Child Remembers About You After You Die

Humpback Whale Breaching

Blender, Camera, and Cloud: 11:56 AM Blender* [C:Usersj… Qx 29/08/2019 Blender* [CUsersjustiDocumentsblender ctrlroom.blend] X View Layer File Edit Render Window Help Scene Default Shader Editing Modeling Sculpting Texture Paint Shading Rendering Compositing Video Editing UV Editing Animation Scripting Object Mode iew Select Add Global biect Scene Collection BY-GEN-Generation User Perspective (310) Collection Cube.004 Collection Gener Meta Cloud Camera Cube Generate Mesh Cube.001 Cube.002 BY-GEN- Modify Cube.003 Allow Old Mods Cube.004 Modif Metal Shell Cube.005 Cube.006 Triangulate Apply Style BY-GEN- Tools Cube.004 Apply Modifiers Apply All Delete All X Purge Textures Viewport Vis Toggle Stack Add Modifier Bevel Apply Copy Only Vertices Width: 0.79m Clamp Overlap Segments: Profile 50% Loop Slide Material: Mark Seams Mark Sharp Harden Normals Limit Method: Angle None Weight Vertex Gro.. Width Method: Offset Width Depth Percent Set Face Strength Mode Affected All None New Miter Patterns Outer Miter: Sharp Inner Miter: Sharp Spread 0.1m Mirror Playback Keying View Marker 310 Start: End: 250 Apply Copy 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 Bisect Axis: Flip: Collection Cube.004 |Verts:51,995 | Faces:47,828 | Tris:112,195 | Objects:1/8 | Mem: 50.0 MB (12.8 MB) | v2.80.75 Set 3D Cursor Rotate View Move Select Move O BY-TOOLS MakeHuman MHX2 Runtime Create 000 o o dammit by-gen


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