Ass, Dope, and Family: June 4
 the posseser an the controler man grow up all because
 somebody is hanging with or she is staying at my house don't mean
 she is sleeping with everybody exspecially me she is my cousin an she is
 family if that little boy of hers needs a place to sleep or take shower then I'm
 going to be the man nice enough to do let them stay I'm not going to let them
 sleep on the side of Rd like u would an u need to listen to how u sound an how
 u look when u put the bullshit u think I happening on face book your really
 something really pathetic to me an lamb as hell if you really care then u would
 show it instead of putting her down an leaving her an that youngin on the side
 of Rd like u do
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 you've got a good heart &
 you've gave me a place to stay when I needed it! Thank you for that,
 buddyl This is really none of my business but if anybody is trashtalking
 then I'm gonna put my 2 cents in, regardless. I never had to
 sleep with & I'm dope free so talk about me. It's water off a
 ducks back & doesn't bother me, I'm used to it. It sucks when another
 person trys to take care of a woman & child bc some Men are just not
 built that way. They talk the talk but just can't walk the walk. I'm proud
 to call you my friend,
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 I ain't worried bout nuttin!
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 Fuck you all the ass hole owes me 400:00 dollars and
 the only time he has replied to me on it is when he replied to this and
 then all you think you know something about someone like I said if you
 mind your business you would not have time for mine but ass Holes
 don't do that
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 I'm a whole ass sir
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Guy messaged me thinking I was a friend of a friend. Decided to check his profile and found this.