Ass, Children, and Crazy: It's ok if you have your own
 beliefs and thinking process
 ,I respect how you stand
 behind your opinion
 be lying
 You're still on google.? Lol. Girl
 you won't be able to prove
 anyone wrong. This life just
 repeats itself. We have argued
 about this countless of times.
 This is just the energy (me)
 challenging myself to see how
 much I'll put up with. I knowI
 can put up with a lot. This
 comment I am typing up may
 look crazy to y'all. But maybe
 am crazy. Like I said, DUALITY
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 Bro I know you're fuckin lying
 PLEASEEEE do your research
 You know that we have had the
 technology to build iPhones and
 all sorts of things, yearsssss
 ago. The elite intelligence knows
 pretty much everything and it's
 up to them for whether or not
 they want to release certain
 information to us
 it's okay. I wouldn't NOT get
 my child vaccinated either, I just
 don't agree with the
 programming. But I know in my
 heart that I'm not paranoid. And
 the definition of conspiracy is a
 secret plan by a group to do
 something unlawful or harmful.
 So even in that statement,I am
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 know you have your different
 views but I'm glad we are adults
 about this. (
 a thanks man
 I'm sorry m enlightened.
 Clearly, none of you have
 experienced Ego death. So
 therefore, most of you are very
 close minded when it comes to
 this topic. Which is okay. There
 has to be a balance. Not
 everyone is subjected to
 believing in the same things. If
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 There's cures for cancer and
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 Tdont. I think your notions are
 dangerous to organized society
 can spread diseases, sicknesses,
 injuries, misinformation, and
 blatant stupidity.
 aids, but everyone who
 discovers it and wants to share it
 Okay wacko ...have a nice day
 not wrong. To think that
 everything the government does
 for us is