Apparently, Bad, and Bones: At Brooklgn ACC
 walting for LOVE
 3 yrs old.
 60 lbs
TO BE KILLED 8/29/19

SADLY THIS IS BOWIE's THIRD STAY AT THE SHELTER! WHY DOES HE HAVE SUCH BAD LUCK?? JUST LOOK AT THE AMAZING SMILE! COMBINED WITH HIS WONDERFUL PERSONALITY. Bowie is a joy! and he deserves the best! Affectionate and Friendly, he loves to play! He loves to eat and will follow you around when you are home. he loves to play with squeaky toys! So please help Bowie find his forever home! Or better yet, please consider opening your home and your heart and #SAVEBOWIE now!

A volunteer writes: I don’t know what’s cuter about Bowie – his adorable half-speckled / half-cow pattern; his sweet, soft little face; or his puppy-like exuberance when we go for walks. I love when he jumps up on the bench with me and stands there with his tail swaying in the wind as I scratch his back. He often seems focused on five different things and so our petting sessions are brief, but he always comes back for more! I think he’s a really sweet, affectionate pup, but is just a bit overwhelmed by his current situation. Bowie knows “sit” and seems to be housebroken, too! This adorable little jitterbug has captured my heart and I think he’ll do the same for you….so come and meet him today at the Brooklyn ACC shelter where he's excitedly awaiting his fur-ever home!



Tyson and Nyla in Playgroup

BOWIE FKA TYSON, ID# 38532 - 3 yrs old, 60 lbs, Brooklyn Animal Care Center, Large Mixed Breed Cross, White / Tan Neutered Male, 
Adoption Return 
(for the second time by same owner, was RTO in July)
Owner Surrender Reason: 
Shelter Assessment Rating: NEW HOPE ONLY 
No children (under 13)
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks
Medical Behavior Rating: 


8/14/2019, Owner surrender, third stay in the care center
Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):
Owner Surrender (In home for 1 year)
Previously lived with: Adults
Behavior toward strangers: Friendly and outgoing
Resource guarding: None reported
Bite history: None reported
Housetrained: No
Energy level/descriptors: Bowie is described as affectionate, and playful with a medium to high activity level.

SAFER ASSESSMENT: Behavior Assessment Date: 8/15/2019


Leash Walking
Strength and pulling: Medium to hard
Reactivity to humans: None observed in the care center
Reactivity to dogs: None 
Leash walking comments:

Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Neutral body, tail high and wagging, ears erect, mouth open, some panting, some whining, approaches readily, lolling tongue, accepts contact, some pacing
Call over: Approaches readily, jumps up onto handler, soft and loose, tail wagging
Sociability comments: 

Soft handling: Soft-neutral body, tail wagging, ears back, jumps up softly soliciting attention, open mouth, some panting, moves away from handler somewhat, but re-approaches, accepts contact
Exuberant handling: Neutral body, tail wagging, neutral, ears back, some lip licking, some panting, moves away from handler somewhat, accepts contact
Handling comments:

Jog: Engages in play, soft and loose, tail wagging, lolling tongue
Arousal comments: 

Knock Comments: Whines when assistant exits; No response to knock; Walks toward door when assistant enters, does not solicit attention

Toy comments: Grips and moves away

During Bowie’s previous stay in MACC, Bowie was social with both males and female dogs. He engaged in group play. While in the care with his owner, he did not socialize with other dogs. 

JUNE - JULY 2019
6/28/2019: When off leash at the Care Centers, when Bowie enters the yard, and he becomes defensive when the greeter corrects him. His session is ended and he is separated safely. 

7/1: Bowie is muzzled and his leash is held for today's introduction to a novel female. He becomes stiff when the muzzle is secured and attempts to dislodge it when the gate is opened. Bowie becomes preoccupied with removing the muzzle and comes into contact with the female. The female attempts to greet Bowie but is immediately separated from him by handlers when he freezes and tracks her with hard eyes.

MEDICAL BEHAVIOR: Date of initial: 14-Aug-2019
Summary: Panting, allowed all handling, warmed up slowly

ENERGY LEVEL: Bowie has been observed to exhibit a medium level of energy during his interactions in the care center. We cannot be certain of his behavior in a home environment, but we recommend that he be provided daily mental and physical stimulation as an outlet for his energy.

Behavior Asilomar TM - Treatable-Manageable


No children (under 13)
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks
Place with a New Hope partner

Recommendations comments:

No children (under 13): Due to Bowie's bite history (human) and previously reported behaviors such as a lack of basic manners and leash-pulling, we feel he would be best set up to succeed in an adult-only home at this time. 

Single-pet home: Due to the concerning behaviors that Bowie has shown during playgroup (see DOG-DOG SUMMARY), we feel that Bowie should not visit dog parks and be the only resident dog. The Behavior Department recommends that he be socialized in a more controlled setting until his behavior towards other dogs can be further addressed. Reward-based, force-free training can be utilized to help Bowie associate dogs with things he enjoys like toys or treats.

Recommend no dog parks- Due to the concerning behaviors that Bowie has shown during playgroup (see DOG-DOG SUMMARY), we feel Bowie should not visit dog parks until he has had the opportunity to learn appropriate social skills when interacting with other dogs. The Behavior Department recommends that Bowie receive dog socialization sessions under the supervision of a certified trainer or behaviorist. 

Place with a New Hope partner: Due to a previous known bite history, we feel Bowie would be best set up to succeed if placed with an experienced rescue partner. We recommend exercising safe and appropriate management of Bowie as the severity and circumstance of his known bite history are unknown. Force-free, reward based training only is advised when introducing or exposing Bowie to new and unfamiliar situations, as well as utilizing guidance from a qualified, professional trainer/behaviorist.

Potential challenges:

House soiling
Basic manners/poor impulse control
Fearful/potential for defensive aggression
Bite history (human)

Potential challenges comments:

Bowie was previously reported to have accidents in the house and will likely need guidance with house training. We recommend positive reinforcement, reward-based training only. Please refer to the handout for House soiling.

Bowie was previously reported to jump up excessively in a social manner. It is recommended that default behaviors such as